Guangdong Qianyi Packaging Products Co.,Ltd, is a professional manufacturer in respect of simple packing products, the company insists on unity cooperation, professional production, technical creation, struggling enterprising, depending on our experienced technology, best quality, competitive price, full specifications, and good knowledge, we have won a good reputation, and our brand extending well over the country.
we aim to support the foreign companies to get high quality packaging tools with very competitive price from Chinese market smoothly by flexible & fixed steps by the cheapest cost & the most effective way.

Les principaux produits comprennent
La sangle d'emballage en polyester couvre la sangle de cordon composite, la sangle tissée en polyester, la sangle collée, l'arrimage tissé, la sangle PET, la sangle PP et les outils d'emballage correspondants comprennent des boucles métalliques, une boucle d'arrimage forgée, des clips, des tendeurs de cerclage et un distributeur de cerclage. Les rubans d'emballage couvrent le ruban Bopp, le ruban adhésif double face, le ruban de masquage, le ruban kraft, etc. Film étirable PE. Les machines d'emballage couvrent la ligne de production pour la fabrication de sangles en PP, PET, composite et tissé.

ligne de production qianyi