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Feedback of PET Packing Strap Application in Brick Factory

Feedback of PET Packing Strap Application in Brick Factory

Now, the use of PET plastic strap to pack bricks has been widely promoted and applied with the increasing development of shale brick production scale and technology. However, in the face of numerous standard brick packaging methods and solution providers, the brick factory is thinking about whether it is feasible to package standard bricks, or whether brick packaging is suitable for itself. Mainly consider the following problems.

  1. After the standard bricks are packed, they are worried about being scattered and damaged during the transportation process, which will not meet the customer’s requirements and lose the customer’s trust.
  2. The brick factory has limited kiln carts or stacking sites, which increases the cost of transporting and stacking back and forth, and the price of bricks has no advantage.
  3. The manual loading and unloading efficiency is low, the time is long, and the customer waits for too long for loading.
  4. The brick factory has a poor operating environment, high mobility of personnel, and difficulty in recruiting workers.
  5. The time spent on loading and unloading the bricks is too long, the labor intensity of the workers is high, and the overall efficiency of the brick factory is low.

It can be said that the above-mentioned problems can be said to plague every brick-and-mortar practitioner, and brick-and-mortar packaging is the key way to solve these problems. At present, the main brick types are mainly red bricks, hollow bricks, standard bricks, shale bricks, and porous bricks. These bricks have a unified characteristic and are small in size. If they are not packaged, the brick loading and unloading work is too cumbersome. Packing straps to fix the bricks, but also face the situation of brick damage and pallet loss during loading and unloading and transportation, which will increase the cost of the brick factory. So in addition to the savings in brick factory management and labor costs, what benefits can the application of PET plastic strapping bring to the brick factory?

In fact, there are 5 major benefits of using PET plastic strap to pack standard bricks.

  1. The image of the brick factory has been improved. After the bricks are packaged, the work efficiency of the brick factory is improved, which saves the time of the customers demanding the bricks, and effectively enhances the image of the brick enterprise in the minds of the customers.
  2. The consumer market has been expanded. After the standard bricks are packaged, conditions are created for long-distance transportation, and brick sales can be free from geographical and distance limitations.
  3. Simplified the personnel management mode of the brick factory. The loading and unloading of the standard bricks after PET plastic strap packing is simple and convenient, which can appropriately reduce loading and unloading workers and give full play to the real value of employees.
  4. Reduce the risk of accidents in the brick factory. After the standard bricks are packaged by PET strap, they are stacked and stored. There will be no accidents of brick collapse and no personal injury.
  5. The loading and unloading efficiency is increased by 70%. After the standard bricks are packed, a forklift can be used to transport the bricks, and the loading and unloading time is shortened from the original 2 hours/truck to 10-20 minutes/truck.