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Not Only Zinc Ingots Are Packaged with PET Strapping

Not Only Zinc Ingots Are Packaged with PET Packaging Strapping

PET packaging strapping are widely used in all walks of life, from brick factories, plates, wood, glass bottles, to solar energy, batteries, cotton, daily necessities, etc., PET packaging strap become the best packaging material to replace steel belts and PP belts.

Since QIANYI’s straps went online, sales have been extremely hot. We found that some new industries have also found us, such as zinc ingots.

Zinc ingot refers to pure zinc. Of course, there will be impurities, but as zinc ingot, it has a purity of at least 90%. Zinc has a density of 7.14, which is about seven times that of water, and is a denser metal material. According to the traditional packing materials, zinc ingots are all packed with steel belts, because the steel belts have excellent wear resistance and the packing tightness is very good.

But why should the packaging materials of zinc ingots transform from steel belts to PET packaging strap? The editor will analyze for you:

The shape of the zinc ingot is a solid metal block with a small single block. In order to ensure that the zinc ingot is packed firmly and not easily scattered, the number of strips is required to be large, so the cost of steel strip packaging will be very high. With the improvement and progress of PET packaging strap, plastic steel belt has both the tensile strength similar to steel belt and the ductility that steel belt does not have. It can ensure the safety of goods. It has a low elongation, which is one-sixth of the PP tape, and can maintain the tension for a long time; it has high temperature resistance, a melting point of 260 degrees, and no deformation below 120 degrees; good flexibility, safe operation, no injury to hands, no damage Damage to the tied object. It is beautiful and does not rust, bright in color, and will not pollute the tied objects; it has good economic benefits, and its specific gravity is one-sixth of the steel belt, which can reduce the cost of use.

Because plastic steel belt has the characteristics of steel belt, but the cost is only half of steel belt, this is the reason for the transformation of zinc ingot packaging materials. Observe carefully, you will find that not only zinc ingots, but also packaging materials in the entire industry are transforming to PET packaging strap.