32mm fiber heavy-duty transport flexible packing strap

Polyester fiber flexible packing strap is made of high-strength polyester. Because of its special texture and strong cushioning performance, it can be used flexibly and widely in transportation safety packaging. It is convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


1. High-strength tensile strength, replacing traditional steel strapping methods.
2. It is elastic, malleable and cushioning. Due to its ductility and resilience after deformation, fiber strapping can absorb impact energy better than steel straps, and will not loosen after the cargo shrinks or expands. After being packed, it can be kept for a long time without slack, thus ensuring the safety of the goods in long-distance transportation.
3. Even if the polyester fiber flexible strapping is partially cut off in the transverse direction, the strap will not be disconnected as a whole.
4. No rust or deterioration. It can withstand changes in various climatic conditions and will not stain your products.
5. It is safe to use and has good flexibility. It will not scratch the packaged goods and will not hurt your hands. There is no need for special tools when cutting. Even if it is tightly tied, it will not hurt people when it is cut. There are no sharp edges and corners. It will not damage the forklift tires during storage. Because of its soft texture, it can be easily disposed of as ordinary industrial waste.
6. It can withstand a pulling force of 0.5-10 tons.
7. The steel wire packing buckle has high strength. The special feature of our strapping strap is the connection steel buckle, which is a stronger connection method and can be tightened repeatedly. In some applications, the strapping buckle can be reused.
8. Cost saving. Taking into account the hidden costs of all steel straps, polyester fiber flexible strapping can achieve very good results with only a strapping machine. This can save costs, and has low wear and repair. It is a good choice for enterprises. . It can also save customers the extra cost caused by the goods.


32mm cord strap specification2
32mm cord strap specification-2


Polyester fiber flexible packing strap is composed of multiple strands of polymer polyester fiber, which is used to bind and fix scattered goods, making it safer and faster during transportation. We advocate green and environmental protection, and keep up with the development and technical requirements of new materials to meet the needs of high-efficiency commodity inspection and high-efficiency logistics without damaging long-distance transportation. Polyester fiber strapping has been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingot industry, paper industry, brick and kiln industry, screw industry, electronics industry, textile industry and wood industry.

32mm strap application
32mm strap application